T5 swap ahrness question


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May 29, 2001
Maricopa, AZ
So Ive been putting together all the parts for the t5 swap in my car over the last 6 months or so. Finally tracked down a local T5 out of an 87 for the right price. I wouldve rather gotten an sn95 tranny but that debates done and over with. My question is this... I got a tm40 PCM cheap a while back... do I need to get the tranny harness for the t5? If so, does it need to be the harness for a fox or an sn95? Where exactly does it connect besides the tranny? I thought I read somewhere that without the harness the 5 speed PCM couldnt self test. I also recall that if you stay with the AODE pcm that sometimes it hangs the idle up when it senses theres supposed to be a 1 - 2 shift. Hopefully someone can chime in on this that has done the swap.

(I meant harness in the title, typing too fast)
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I know the tranny harness connects right next to the engine harness in the passenger' side rear corner, next to the A/C unit. It doesn't connect anywhere else besides the tranny. This is the same for AODE and T5.

I don't know how different the 87 T5 is, but how will you get yuor speedometer working without a harness? Ours is electronic, with the VSS on the tranny passing on the speed.
Good point. So obviously the harness is a necessity but Im wondering if its a 95 harness, will it connect to an 87 tranny and vice versa? Any takers? :shrug: If the price wasnt so good on this car I shouldve just stuck it out a little longer till I found a 5 speed. :rolleyes:
No one here with a Fox tranny in their car? Just need to know if I need the 94/95 or 87/93 harness. Im assuming the 94/95 but wasnt sure if the places it connected to on the tranny were the same style connections because Im pretty sure where it connects on the firewall is a different stlye connection.