T5 Z spec upgrades


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Feb 27, 2019
Hi everyone
I have a question related to a T5 WC “Z”. I want to replace the 10 splines input shat with a 26 splines input shaft.
According to readings about this, I learned that the input shaft from a T5 WC out of a 03 Camaro is the same: same teeth (24T) same length (9.250”) same gear ratio (2.92}. Don’t know about the thickness. Both use both use needle bearing
Does anyone have any knowledge if they are interchangeable??? Or if the one out the Camaro can be machines to fit my Z spec on my mustang.

T5WC “Z” Mustang
P/N 1352-085-020 10 splines

T5WC Camaro
P/N 1352-085-047 26 splines

Thank you all
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