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Apr 1, 2004
I went to start on my Taurus fan conversion yesterday and it does not fit anywhere close to the original II V8 fan shroud mount brackets. :nonono: One fan is from an 89 and the other is from a 91 Wagon. Both are 3.8 fans. I was hoping for a better fit so I wouldn't have to use straps or make brackets to give it the made for the car look.
My 78 Mach has the earlier style rad with the hose fill and my 75 has an aftermarket top tank fill rad.
Did anyone ever use a dual fan setup from an import or another stye Ford electric fan that was a close fit to the II V8 fan shroud bolt pattern?
I might have to go with another fan setup since this one would look out of place.
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I'm almost ready to install my dual 10" pushers on the front of the radiator, I just need to pickup an adjustable thermostat to activate them. Also will be going to a 22x19 Aluminum (welded not epoxy) crossflow radiator in a couple weeks. I'll post a picture when I get the fans mounted.
I don't think you are going to find a fan from a different vehicle that's going to "bolt up" to the stock MII radiator. I have the Taurus fan in Project ThunderSnake, and it fit my 75/76 style radiator perfect. I used the zip ties for attaching it though, but you can't even tell.
OK here are some pics of my fan setup. Dual 10 fans siamezed together setup as pushers and advertized to deliver between 2500-2700 CFM. They are just held in by zip ties until the new radiator shows then I'll mount them permanently.





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jeffnoel, That's a nice dual fan setup. It looks like I'll still be installing the Taurus fan. I misunderstood how it was to be installed on the II.
You have one of the cleanest Cobra's I have ever seen. It's sharp. Thanks for the pictures.

1badII, I'm told the Taurus fan puts out over 2,000 cfm in high speed. I connected mine direct to the battery for testing purposes and it does put out some flow. I had it on for about 20 seconds and the connections to the battery started to get hot. Not bad at all for $25.00 at a yard.

CobraIILover, I took a closer look at the pictures that cobraii351 had provided for the Taurus fan install. I notice the shroud is flush with the radiator and mounted using zip ties. I initially thought the Taurus fan was to bolt directly to the original MII fan shroud mounts. I have no problem mounting the fan using the zip ties. It should still be a clean looking install. Thanks for the information.
Who makes the fans you shown and where did you get them from? I'm looking at putting an electric fan on now and I'd rather go with a pusher setup rather than a puller. Did you have to remove or cut anything to get those guys in there?

I got the fans on eBay check the link below for a current auction of the same fans. I don't know the manufacturer. They come setup as pullers but all you do is either flip the fan blade or reverse the wiring (one or the other not both, I flipped the blade) to make them pushers. As far as fit, I temporarily removed the secondary hood latch until the fans slipped in place. I have only tested the fans but they do move some serious air.


One more thing, The fans come as two seperate fans. This is how I connected them together, using 1/4x1/2 bolts with nuts (the bolt/nut combo almost fit purfectly) and then filled the slots with some leftover 2-part clear plastic epoxy (same that I used on my all-red taillights) to ensure they don't come apart.



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