Roush technical question...

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Terry's R-code ?

Actual R-code cars are purpose built race cars. I thought all SR-code cars had the double stack wing, rear seat delete, 4-point chassis (roll bar), 4-point saftey harness, and RACE style Recaro seats.........and only 2 were built #1 (yellow) and #11 (yellow).

But that being said I do really like Terry's car, the Red and gold combination is unique. I owned a Canyon Red 1986 with gold stripes and wheels up to mid summer of 2005, sold it to Kyle Shaw that visits this webboard often.

Thanks for selling the car to Kyle. Us old guys like seeing the 4 eye cars. Let's see some of yours!

Anyway, back in the day Saleen designated the packages as such,

T- Code , as you mentioned: Alcons, 3.27 R&P and Saleen/Recaro leather.

R- Code package: blower, Alcons, pod, 4 core, t-rex,

The R-Code as you mentioned was actually the "SR" designation. Very few of those cars built. Mark sold two yellow cars last year and there is a dealership in WA. state with one now (white)

People get confused with the designations, SR, R- Code, S351R and so on. Actually, the first year of the new edge cars, the 99's with the Series I recieved the designation R- Code after Saleen dropped it in 1996.:D