Thanks Paul Brady and KrazyKoncepts


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Jul 25, 2004
I just want everyone to know what a stand-up guy Paul Brady is. I was down at PIR last night trying to break into the 11s with my baby. I just put 10.5 rears with drag radials and was trying to see how they hook, Well i had a bumpy ride at burn out box. Staged up dropped the clutch at about 2500 and mashed the gas, heard a loud snap and my car wasnt moving under its own power, thought i grenaded another clutch. So my first call was to a tow company to get my car home, second call was to Paul at 10:30 at night.
Paul was ready for bed after a long day at his shop, but he immediately called me back and told me to have the car taken to his shop. He got out of bed got dressed and met me at his shop at damn near midnight so he could look at my car. I was not expecting that at all, i was thinking he'd call me back the next day and arrange to have car dropped off next week. So getting it in on a weekend night on a holiday weekend was more than i ever would have expected. This just illustrates the level of concern that Paul has for his customers and thier vehicles. If you want custom work done on your car Paul is the man. Does it right the first time and stands by his work.
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Well didnt mean to hijack your thread, but I also wanted to Thank Jon and Paul at KrazyKoncepts for hooking me up with a 2.76 pulley and massaging my tune a little for me.Power feels awsome and as normal did a great job!!! Thanks Again Paul and Jon :hail2: :hail2: Btw for those of you that dont know Jon krazykoncepts is doing custom predator tunes and is very good if not the best out there :nice: