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May 15, 2002
I have been looking for a cheap(read $500-1000) fox to fix up as I drive it. Here in Indiana foxbodys do not come cheap. The ones I have found for 500-1000 are usually rust buckets not worth fixing up. While searching on craigslist I see rangers in decent shape that run for cheap.

Thinking about picking me up a nice cheap ranger 5spd 2wd and maybe do a 5.0 swap on it this summer.

Just a thought that crossed my mind.:shrug:
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I have always wanted to do a V8 swap on a ranger too. Keep putting the money into my stang instead! I have a 99 Ranger stepside with a 4 banger and automatic. I figure one day it will die and then it will get a real motor. Until then, it will just keep weazing along...
I knew a guy in college that had one. I beleive it was a 92 ranger? It was the old school square body style. But anyway he had a 5.0 out of a 92 with GT 40 heads a cam and a cobra intake lowered with 94 cobra wheels on it. The thing moved for a little truck!
A few years ago my buddy dropped a carbed 302 and a T5 in a 80's Ranger. It was a fun little truck. A big drawback was that the cab was always hot from the motor. I don't know what year motor and mods, but my old '86 351 F-150 could could take him half the time.
I had ridden in a mostly stock 302 Ranger, it was fun. A friend had it and did the swap right, it looked almost factory. He did have a hard time selling it, due to not too many people wanted that kind of setup.