Thinking About Either Trading Or Selling My Mustang, What Do You Guys Think Its Worth?


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Oct 30, 2008
I know a car is worth as much as someone will pay for it, but I am kind of wondering what you guys think my car could / should go for.

2004 Ford Mustang GT Premium
Sonic Blue exterior w/ charcoal leather interior
80,500 miles
Extremely well maintained
4.6l 2v SOHC V8
5 Speed Manual Transmission
Kenne Bell Supercharger (intercooled @ 9psi)
Modular Head Shop Stage 1 Blower Cams
BBK Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers
BBK X-Pipe w/ high flow catalytic converters
Magnaflow Magnapack Catback
BBK Cold Air Induction
Jack Roush Classic Short throw Shifter
Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
Ford Racing 3.73 rear end gears
RAM Powergrip Clutch
Ford Racing Roller Pilot Bearing
Ford Racing HD Throw out bearing
BBK Subframe Connectors
H&R Supersport lowering springs with poly isolators
17x10.5in Rear Anthracite Bullet Wheels w/ Nitto Drag Radials (about 65% tread left)
17x9in Front Anthracite Bullet Wheels w/ Sumitomo All Weather Radials (98% tread left)
Ford Racing SVT Focus Fuel Pump w/ PPRV delete
Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump
Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Boost Gauge
Mach 1 Grille Delete Kit
Pioneer Head Unit w/ bluetooth, cd, mp3


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10 Year Member
Oct 30, 2008
I guess I am getting kind of bored with it, and as much as I love the car, I really dont want to spend the money on a forged shortblock, tfs heads, stage 3 blower cams, clutch, t56, fuel system, and 31 spline stuff for the rear end... not to mention the amount of work I would have to do... I am also sick of dealing with emissions and registration issues. I have already decided that I am selling my Harley... I have 2 young kids to think about... So, I could either:

A) Keep the 04, trade in the Harley on an F150 for my DD and work on the car here and there (not have to worry about it being down if its raining)
B) Trade in or sell both the 04 and the Harley and get either a GT500, Boss 302, or Corvette


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May 5, 2010
Houston, Tx
One of the reasons why Im apprehensive about modding my Mustang so much... Everyone seems to loose interest in them once they get it where they want it.


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Oct 30, 2008
I didnt necessarily lose interest, I just couldn't justify spending the money (and spending the time) on installing more parts that would still pale in comparison to a stock coyote with a blower. I would have had to spend about 20k for a forged modular boss block and trickflow heads w/cams @ 10:1 compression, t56 and clutch, built rear end, fuel system (including injectors / maf / tune), built rear end, suspension mods, and all the supporting mods to safely make 550 to 600 rwhp (not to mention a cobra front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper with 'cobra' shaved off and a repaint). That is still using most of the parts I had already installed (KB, Exhaust, and other small stuff). I would have lost so much money swapping everything over... I loved (and still do) the car... but it is simply time to move on for me.

I test drove a '15 Performance Pack GT... it surprised me! It felt every bit as fast as mine; it was bone stock and about fifty times nicer. So, that is what I ended up going with. If all goes well, I will be picking it up tomorrow. I wanted a deep impact blue, but there wasn't any available in the neighboring 3 states... so I ended up going with a competition orange gt premium with the performance package and ebony interior.

If you plan on keeping your car, mod it... if you think you may lose interest one day....... mod it smartly... I was always stubborn about parts. I never wanted anything but 'the best' for my car. I bought everything new, and for the most part, I didn't skimp. Just know *and learn to live with* the fact that the newer ones can walk on you with minimal mods.

Maybe I should post this up in the squeeky wheel, but I suppose I should mention that another part of the reason I finally pulled the trigger is because I have bought the wife 5 vehicles (3 of which were brand new off the showroom floor) over the course of our marriage and the ONLY new vehicle I bought was the Harley... even with that, she owed me because I sold my paid off '04 R6 to pay off her first car that I bought her when we first got married (so, she owed me a bike)...

Is she happy about my decision... **** no. She is ****ed that I spent all that time and money on my 04, but, she surprisingly hasn't fought with me about it. Although, we did get in to it a little because I am buying a cat-back for it. LOL. I suppose she doesn't want me to 'blow money' on another car, and I dont blame her for feeling that way... but it is an expensive hobby and a labor of love... So, I will put the cat-back on and leave it alone for a while... If I decide to push the envelope later, I may install a short throw shifter, (even though the stocker is pretty decent), and of course... a procharger if I end up becoming bored with it. 600ish rwhp safely... I'll take it.

Rant over... I should probably save stuff like this for the alcohol thread in the squeeky wheel, but I will always feel like a member of the sn95 club regardless of switching to the s550!


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May 5, 2010
Houston, Tx
I understand what you mean, that's why I'm a little apprehensive about spending a lot of money modding my Mustang to where I have always wanted. Like if I supercharge it I will have to be careful to not blow up the engine. If I do then I'll have to spend a bit on a good motor and it seems like a giant snowballing effect. I like the idea of a new car but if I am making payments then I can't mod it like I could with my Mustang bc it is paid for. Either way Im going to spend money haha.

Btw I forgot to say that I felt like you could ask for $10,000 for your Mustang, which is cheap considering all the parts/mods you have on it.
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