Thinking about getting an 03-04 Cobra, Handling questions


New Member
Oct 1, 2006
I'm considering buying an 03-04 Cobra. I know all the performance stats of the car and it seems like its very good in a straight line but as far as corners it doesnt perform as well. Am I wrong? How is the car as a track car stock? And what mods are there strictly for making it handle like its on rails and brake well enough to rip your face off? :D
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In stock trim the IRS equipped Cobra out performs a straight axle Mustang of the same production series. You can throw a lot of money into the IRS and make it even better if you wanted, but it's not going to be cheap. Additionally, the supercharged engine is not the best platform for road racing due to heat soak. You would need to upgrade the cooling considerably.

Maybe if you could tell us exactly what you plans are if and when you get this 03/04 Cobra we may be able to better answer your questions.