Thinkng about selling my 95 but how much?


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Feb 27, 2001
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First of all I'm not sure where to ask this but I thought I would get the most replies if I posted it here. I want to emphasize that I'm not posting it for sale here just trying to gauge what it is worth.

Unfortunately, the stang needs a new home. I'm in the market for a house and could use the extra money.

1995 Mustang GTS - Red with Back Leather / The car has approximately 120k miles with a freshly rebuilt motor. The only way you can tell this car is a GTS is that it does not have power windows, however if someone wanted to add power windows to the car I have a set of power window door panels to go with the car. I'm sure I'm leaving some things out in the list below...

Exterior (Rio Red)
- Cobra R hood
- Boss Shinoda spoiler
- OEM cobra front bumper w/clear folglights
- Cobra headlights with matching clear corners
- OEM Export Taillights (same as stock but with amber lense, Rare!)
- FMS FR500 's tires have over half tread left BFG Gforce II's
- Cobra front brakes with polished calipers

Interior (Black Leather)
- 99-04 Leather GT Seats
- Dynamat Xtreme the floorpans
- Autometer instrument cluster gage pod / oil pressure / temp
- 35th anniversary dash bezel
- Alpine Head unit, MB Quart components, Cerwin Vega sub, Alpine V12,

Engine (~2500 miles) - 302 w/fresh rebuild
- AFR 165's
- Cobra intake, ported lower
- 80mm MAF
- FMS E-cam
- Scorpian 1.6 rockers
- 65mm TB
- Aluminum raidiator
- Romac balancer
- 24 # injectors
- Tweecer R/T
- Kirban fuel pressure regulator
- 255 lph pump

- T5 with relatively recent freshing up and B&M Ripper shifter
- King Cobra clutch ~2500 miles
- Aluminum driveshaft
- 3.55's with corrected speedo gears

- H&R Race springs
- Bilstien shocks and struts
- Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
- 03 Cobra front control arms

- FMS shorty headers
- Bassanni Catted X-Pipe
- Magnaflow Cat-back
- Just passed Texas emmisions with flying colors

I'll post some pictures up shortly....
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i don't know about price, but i would soooooooo take those taillights off your hands!! I've been looking for a set of those for 3 years now. very nice car by the way.

i would look into the classifieds over on the and guage what other people are selling their modded cars for.
Most people do not care what mods you have done to the car as far as price, they only look at blue book. maybe A little over since it is rebuilt and does have some many mods, I'd say $8k-9k is what you'll probly get out of it.