This exhaust legal in MA?

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You should have no problem. My son's '90 LX passed inspection with an Off Road H-pipe. They didn't even look for cats. It also passed the sniffer with the O/R pipe. They visually check for cats where I go. Heads up though; there has recently been a lot of controversy in MA aroung the emissions testing equpiment. The car mechanics have been complaining that too many cars are passing inspection. They even took a car around to different places and got different readings, some passing, some failing. I'm not sure if they have tightened the system yet. I have a MAC H-pipe with cats and that passed in January.


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Jun 22, 2002
Boston, MA
it will pass. I actually got my car inspected yesterday. It was supposed to go on the sniffer this year but the guy didn't do it, he just did the safety check. I wasn't going to question him though. My car did pass 2 years ago with the same set up in the sig so you shouldn't have any problems.


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Feb 18, 2001
Hiltonizer said:
If I were to get the MagnaFlow catted X-Pipe and cat-back on my 01 GT, would that pass inspection?

It should pass, but if you go to a shop that's anal they might bust your balls about the noise level.

A couple weeks ago i had to go get a sticker for my '03. My usual shop was closed for the day so i went to any old place figuring it was a brand new car so they wouldn't give me much trouble. To make a long story short, they were real anal. They questioned me on my FACTORY blacked out headlamps and didn't think they were legal. :nonono: