Those of you with 14* timing and anyone who can help, get in here.

I'm currently running 16* with 93 octane and have been wondering if it's necessary. I mean, I used to run 14* with 87 octane and it also ran fine. My question to you guys is, do I need 93 octane for 16* or 14*? I understand the whole octane thing and that's why I'm worried. I mean, I don't want to run higher octane IF NOT needed and hurt performance, but I don't want to hurt performance by not running higher octane IF needed. I guess I want to know what timing you guys are running and what octane are you using?

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Wow, you've run 14° of initial in TX? I'd think you'd have tons of detonation that way! I'm currently running 14° with my mods and have no ping on 93 octane, but haven't tried any lower to know if it's necessary. You may still experience a little pinging without it being audible, so running higher is usually a way just to play it safe. If you're not experiencing any pinging, I say go for the lower and spend less money.
1. take timing out of the higher rpms via burn chip or tweecer
2. Snow Performance Boost cooler (I can run 25 total timing with mine which I can advance or retard on the fly with my msd timing advance control box)
3. Learn to live with 10*
I may be living with 10* soon. And some NAWWWWWWS

I run 14* with 93 now. No detonation. I could probably go higher since its really cold out now but I'm just going to keep it at 14 for now.