Thoughts on Sanden rather than York for classic car


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Dec 30, 2001
I have a 69 Mach1 that is stock and being classed as Occassional Driver at shows, and is an award winner as such.

The A/C is connected as if it were functional, but is not , and had been sitting for 6 years prior to last year when the car was put back together.

I wanted to know what the judging rulings are for updating the A/C compressor with the Sanden compressor...obviously Consourse would be out of the question with a bright silver baby sized compressor, but the benefits from one are great.

Any of you out there judges? what are your thoughts on the matter.

Any body know what the correct compressor and color is for the 69 Mach1/ 351w?

Mine is currently a York aluminum painted black, but the guys at Classic Auto Air say that it should be York Aluminum NOT painted but clear coated.


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Well, i did a serpentine swap for my car and I found an aftermarket Sanden compressor for it, instead of the stock type (later model compressor). I would say go for it, very good compressor, but that's me.

The Swede

When I judge, and am doing an MCA, SAAC, or other Mustang judge sheet, I do deduct the required points for each non-original part underhood. It's the rules. I do understand the need for function, but when judging for originality, that's a changed item.

When doing a general judging, I will usually deduct a point for that, but usually just that unless there are other visible changes too.

It's a change, even though you have done it so the A/C works better. Headers make the car run better, but they are not stock, and cost points for originality. Same idea.

My Two cents.