Throttle cable


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Sep 14, 2018
San Antonio,Texas
I have a question I bought a throttle cable
/accelerator cable and it’s not right I see a small washer but it’s has a piece of juke backing between i believe it goes over or cable slides Thou,is it ok to cut that juke backing to get it to slide over cable?


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I’m not understanding what you want to cut off. He green piece snaps into the front side of the gas pedal and the round washer with the slot in it secures the cable to the firewall.
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Looks like you could slide the washer under the jute and secure the cable without cutting anything. Metal to metal contact ( washer and firewall ) may cause noise.
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Now I get what you are taking about. Both my cars have aftermarket throttle cables so I’m no help on the firewall insulation issue.
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