Throw Out bearing, HUGE PIC, question


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Nov 24, 2001
My throw out bearing is squeeling/grinding like a pig, and i think its way beyond grease (does noise even with the clutch in, can feel some vibration on clutch petal).

Can anyone tell, be looking at this pic if my bearing is shot? (not sure if that can be visibly seen).

I seem to have some metal specks around, any idea what they are from?

Is the part i circled in white, the bearing? if so, would i shoot some grease here?

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That is the throw-out bearing, shoot some grease on it and around the area, if that doesnt work drop the tranny and bellhousing and check the bearing retainer on the transmission, that might be messed up. Just look for things out of the ordinary.
My t/o bearing got to the point that it was squeeling like a wounded pig. Going down the road it was squeeling really bad, sounded like a squeeling belt, and kept getting louder and louder. Eventually it got to the point where it was hard to changed the gears. I had to do a clutch job on it. What happened was the t/o bearing had completely gone out and had come apart. All of the bearings were out of it, and it was metal to metal and it broke the edges off of the clutch so the clutch wasn't working right. Anyway, if it's squeeling really really bad you might want to just drop the tranny and replace it and replace the clutch if needed also.