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Jul 23, 2019
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91 convertible with no speed mods / AOD daily driver / 3.27 gears -
I have 225/55/16 tires now - I am considering 225/50/16s ( I figure it would give an effective gear of 3.40 with a shorter tire ) - I can put 4 tires on for $275 - I want to get some more low end power to ground ( a rear gear change would do it , lol - but I don’t have a grand for that and don’t know a place to trust enough to set up gears proper ) I think my car sits low , but that could be just my opinion. WILL THE 50s look like roller skate wheels ? (providing they actually are a bit shorter because my 55s may be worn shorter)


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Back in the day this was the big tire choice decision. I can assure you, the 225 50 16's look shorter. Better however depended on the wheels. On ponies, maybe, maybe not. I had Saleen 16 5 spokes and for sure the 50 series looked better. I also think the 50s look better on a lowered car.
You could consider a 245 45 16 too.
245/50/16 front and 255/50/16 rear. Both on 16x8 rims

The guy I purchased the rims from had 235/50/16 on the rear. I don't remember the fronts, I think 225 though.
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If the shop is buying the gears, install kit and doing the labor, ya you will probably be around there.

I rummaged around the online classifieds and found a brand new set of gears with a new install kit for $100 (guy was cleaning out his garage - threw in a 91 engine harness as well). I had my brother help me with install, he is a mechanic who worked at a 4x4 shop and had done 30-40 gear installs when he was there.

Lots of good used gears out there as well. Save a coin if you have to bit the bullet with a shop install.
Never heard of gear change being that high even if the shop provides the gears. I feel the OP should look around and find a reputable guy who'll do the labor for much lower. Even look to the neighboring states if he must. Heck, he doesn't have a two axles :)