Tire size with 18x9 wheels on a fox????


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Jul 29, 2004
Keeping the stock track width in front and back, and assuming an offset of around 24mm, anyone have any idea on tire sizes for the fox w/o rolling the fender lip? If you have 18x9 wheels what size tires are you running?

(Did a search and found nothing :( )
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I am going with an 18x9 setup as well- I have found that the best tire size for us (if matching all four) would be 245/40/18

I am going with this setup:
255/40/18 rear
245/40/18 front

the outside diameter is less than .33" difference
rotation per mile is also close at 784 rp mile on the 245/40 and 775 rp mile on the 255/40.

Let me know how you make out- also which rims did you get? 4 lug?
I am looking into the 4 lug 2000 cobra R setup. Just need to sell my 5 polished cobra Rs :nice: