tires for 2001 GT


Jan 15, 2002
in the next month or so I will have to swap tires on my 2001 GT, it has facxtory 17inch wheels from the bullet edition. What tires are the best ones for it. I want better than the stock which I felt sucked in the rain, and maybe some more life expectency. I am looking at a Bridgestone with a "A" compound and 40000 mile tread.
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I would go with Nitto 555 E's. Much better performance over stock and price is reasonable also. Difference will be night and day compared to stock crap.
That's just my .02. There are a number of nice performance tires you can go with. :nice:
cant speak for the nittos but i got some bridgestone potenza re730's and loved them, they pretty cheap, lasted me over 30k mi., and they gripped better in the rain than the stock goodyears did on dry pavement (i tried my best to get them to hydroplane and couldnt do it) sticky as hell on dry street too. i know im getting them again

the re730's are now called re750's but same numbers 340 treadwear, AA traction
I put siped Toyo ZRs on mine about a month ago. Don't know about the Nittos, but the Toyos sure grab on take off and in the corners. Most people here like the Nittos so you probably couldn't got wrong with them. Get 'em siped though so you increase traction and help water move out of the tread. The difference is noticable.