to remove a/c or not to?


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Feb 24, 2000
Cincinnati, OH

got the convertor on yesterday, not stalling quite as high as i'd like, but i'm getting a new one done since it's not where it was supposed to be, only about 2200 vs the 28 to 3000 i want to be

now, the engine is already running about 200 vs the 180 it was running with the big tranny cooler on there,

i'm torn whether to remove the a/c or not because it still works, however, if i pull the a/c i'm gonna save wait, and h/p plus remove the big a/c condensor and free up more air

what would you guys do, i've always prided myself on having true daily drivers, if i pull the s/c, does that ruin it's "daily drivability"

also, how much weight does it remove with everything, condensor, compressor, lines, etc... removed.

also, how much hp does it free up realistically
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Mechanically, you are not saving anything. The clutch freewheels when you do not have the AC on. The only mechanical loss is the accel/decel of the pulley.

With my thoughs on the super high humidity and the hot temps here, I say leave the AC working.

As far as weight, If you removed the whole defroster/heater core/ac core box, lines and the compressor you are going to remove a decent amount. I would say at least 30lbs. I am not sure as I have never weighed any of this stuff, just a guess.
If you ever are thinking of selling the car, I would suggest leaving it in. It will be much easier to sell the car to normal people who don't care if not having the AC saves 30 pounds. I need the AC here in Hawaii, and would not consider getting one without it.

Of couse if you are going to keep it forever, and you don't give a rat's ass about the AC, I would say take it out. I really like the way the engine bay looks without it. Much cleaner/nicer/simpler.
Is there any other kind of racing? :p I know what you mean though.

I'm taking my A/C out because I want to save a little weight and I like a simpler, cleaner engine bay. People say "X part and Y part don't weight much", but when you add it all up, you can make a substantial difference that way.

A/C = Windows down, sunroof off.

Just my .02. I don't plan to sell mine any time soon, and if I ever do, it will be to a teammate who will likely race the bejesus out of it. :nice: