Tokico or Eibach Spring/Shock combo???


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Mar 23, 2000
Shepherdsville, KY
My 92 GT currently has cut stock springs and original struts/shocks and rides terrible. When I bought the car it already was like this. It didn't bother me at first but now I just flat hate the ride. It makes me not want to drive my car :nonono: I still want to keep the lowered stance though. I am currently looking into the Eibach or Tokico basic spring/shock suspension packages. Does anyone have these suspension packages on their cars? Which one would you all suggest?
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If you want the 2 inch drop still then go with the Eibach Sportlines and supporting hdwe. I myself went with the Ford "B" springs and KYB stuff. I love the rake and has a decent ride for being lowered. Either way you go it will be a ton better than what you have.
Oh by the way. It only cost 129 for the springs and 160 for the shocks and struts.