Expired Tons Of New And Used Parts 94-04

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Mar 1, 2017
Hello all,
As you may know I am doing a 4v swap on my 96 gt and I have one parts car with another arriving tomorrow. I need to make some room for more parts in my shop and make some money for cams and other 4v parts. The parts being listed are New/Used and even very slightly used (as in 1000-1200 miles) and I am looking for money and/or trades on 4v parts. If my ad isn't posted in the correct place please let me know and ill move it and feel free to make an offer I'm not very familiar with the prices on some of the parts being listed.
-Items are located in Dyersville Iowa 52040.
-I can ship most items at buyers expense.
-Items like engine or trans can be delivered up to an hour or two away at buyers expense.
-Everything is in great working condition unless otherwise stated
-PM or comment with any questions
-Remember I have two parts cars so if I don't list something just ask because I most likely have the item you need

Off of 96 Mustang GT or 02 GT:
1-Stock 96 Gears (150$ plus shipping for gears, diff, and axles)
1-Stock Diff
1 set-Stock axles
1 set-Stock Rear upper and lower control arms (50$ plus shipping)
1 set-Stock sway bars (50$ plus shipping)
1 set-Stock springs, rubber dampers, and shocks (25$ plus shipping)
2-Strut tower brace (75$ plus shipping)
1 set- Non PI heads (100$ plus shipping for heads, cams, gears, and manifolds)
1 set-Non PI cams and gears
1 set- 11 bolt valve covers (50$ plus shipping)
1-timing wheel/crank gear (10$ plus shipping)
1-stock intake (30$ plus shipping)
1-6 bolt flexplate (20$ plus shipping)
1 set-Stock exhaust manifolds
1-Stock throttle body and plenum (30$ plus shipping)
1 set- Stock GT calipers (painted red) (30$ each plus shipping)
2-BBK Catless X-pipe (80$ each plus shipping)
1-Stock H pipe (60 plus shipping)
1-3650 trans with cracked tail housing (150$ plus shipping)
1-Manual driveshaft (100$ plus shipping)
1-Auto driveshaft (100$ plus shipping)
1-Stock flywheel and clutch (60$ plus shipping)
1 set-Auto trans lines and external filter (30$ plus shipping)
1-4r70w trans (10,000 miles on rebuild but I didn't put stall converter in it when I had my built motor so I believe clutch packs are out, has new converter complete rebuild valve body and shift kit but still slips in 3rd and 4th) (200$ plus shipping)
1-02 4.6L 2V with PI heads, 86,000 miles (600$ plus shipping)
1-Starter (30$ plus shipping)
1-Pacesetter Ceramic long tubes w/ Xpipe (less than 1200 miles) (450$ plus shipping)
1-Auto trans Cross member (25$ plus shipping)
1 set- Motor mounts (20$ plus shipping)
1-Auto trans wire harness (35$ plus shipping)
1-SR performance throttle body and plenum (less than 1200 miles I believe 75mm) (180$ plus shipping)
1-Stock K member and control arms (50$ plus shipping)
1-Stock fuel rails (50$ plus shipping)
1-Stock injectors (50$ plus shipping)
2-MSD Coil Packs (80$ for pair plus shipping)
1 set-10mm red plug wires (40$ plus shipping)
1-Stock MAF (30$ plus shipping)
1-Stock alternator (25$ plus shipping)
1-Stock front bumper (25$ plus shipping)
4-Aftermarket staggered rims and tires (800$ plus shipping)
1-Stock Harmonic Balancer (30$ plus shipping)
1 set-SR underdrive pulleys (50$ plus shipping)
1-SLP Loudmouth catback exhaust (less than 1200 miles) (350$ plus shipping)
1-Complete interior (offers)
1-Rebuilt 8.8 rear end (includes 31 spline axels, 3.73s, ford racing posilocker, seals, bearings) (800$ for rear end assembly)
1 set-Oe Rims and tires (painted) (100$ plus shipping)
1 set-96 aftermarket tail lights (one has a pinky size hole in it other is in perfect condition) (25$ plus shipping)
1-Stock brake booster, reservoir, abs (150$ plus shipping)

03 Mach 1 (Grey) parts:
3-Stock rims (50$ each plus shipping)
1 set-stock full exhaust (offer on specific parts)
1-trunk lid (250$ plus shipping with wing)
1-drivers door (offer)
1-pass door (offer)
All windows (offer)
1 set- tail lights (50$ plus shipping)
1-Stock rear end with 3.55s (500$ plus shipping)
1-rear bumper (150$ plus shipping)
all suspension/steering (offer on specific parts)
1-steering column (offer)
There is much more that I'm not thinking of trust me. Feel free to text me also at 563-258-two224 if you feel I'm asking too much or too little on something please let me know and I can correct it and if there is pictures of any specific item needed let me know.

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Apr 7, 2017
looking for a pcm part number xr3f-12a650-aac, do you have one and how much?


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Apr 11, 2017
Hey I'm interested in the stock h pipe if still available just let me know how much for shipping to california?
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