Took some night shots of the '90... Pic whoring time... DUW!!

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ill have to say the last one was my do u get back in ur car after u have laid down on the dirty pavement to take a pic...or do u change first?..just ****ing with ya
I LOVE seeing LX's that still have the black body moulding. when i got my heap painted, i decided not to paint it becasue everyone down here paints thiers to match the body.. Very nice ride man!

i wonder how those rims would look on my dark blue LX
Well, the same night, I stayed up all night and went to the beach, but it didn't open until 1 hour after sunrise, so I paid to get into a park to get this pic of the sunrise lol... I was bored and couldn't sleep. I sent the pic to Henceforward to try and get him to crop the stupid handicap sign out, but I still haven't got a responce. :( Here it is.....

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