Torque ratings on T5's

Anyone know the torq ratings on the 79-94 mustang T5's, were the same T5's in the 302's as well as the V6 & 2.3's? I got a mildly built 302 and I need am hoping someone knows what kindof torque the T5's can handle. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Depending on the year....any T-5 older than '86 isn't worth the trouble, since they were "Non World Class". Beyond that....They were rated between 265lbs/ft - 300lbs/ft depending on the year...but they all break just the same….third friggin gear!

As for the V-6's, I believe they're all rated at 265lbs/ft.

The 2.3's on the other hand....well, lets just say that the only thing they had in common with the V-8's were the cases. EVERYTHING else is different. Take a pass if you're offered one.
Listen to Gearbanger - but don't get caught up in Tq ratings. The 85 GT 4v put out more tq at the rear wheels than the trans was rated at.

It all depends on how you drive the car. I have had an 85 T-5 live very happy behind a 365 FWTQ car and it is about to be bolted to my 410 RWTQ car...if you are launching on slicks - go Tremec TKO - if you are driving on the street - your T-5 will live long with the right shifter.
Oh yeah, don't get me wrong. The '85 T-5 was rated at the same 265lbs/ft as the later units, I was just referring to their less smooth shifting ability because of their use of non tapered roller bearing design with regards to the countershaft, synchroniser durability, cost to rebuild, etc. That's why I and many others don't regard them as high as the later "World Class" units. As moonenn3186 stated, torque rating doesn’t tell the whole story..…add a little traction and you’ll scatter pretty much any T-5 across the pavement. It’s all going to depend on driving style and how you use (abuse) it.
I got a question, I have an V8 tranny but the id tag is missing, has been rebuilt and wasnt put back on. Is there a way of telling if it's a non world class or not by looking at the casing numbers??

Nobody mentioned that the T-5 didn't come into the picture till mid-83 I believe. 79-82/83 Mustangs came with the SROD 4 speed which was a whole different story. I believe the highest rated T-5's didn't come out till 89/90, they were rated at 300lbs-ft of torque, before that I believe it was 285(86?-88).
Yeah, you have to aware that the dang things are fragile. Mine is about to go. I can feel the gears seperating in third and fourth on the '93. But then it's 400 RWHP so I can live with it for now. Personally I wouldn't even bother rebuilding one anymore for a serious car that you plan on keeping. Just pony up for a 3550 or TKO if you can or suffer the consequences.

I've also blown the snap ring off fifth gear in the Capri at around 5k in fifth going way over 130mph with 3.55 gearson the interstate. Very scary, sounded like a gun went off and the car coasted for three miles before it slowed down enough to put it in fourth and drive the rest of the way to work.