Tps/Throttle body question.


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Nov 6, 2019
I have a 1994 Gt It had a weird hanging idle, poor acceleration and it would also buck on decel. I decided to check my tps voltage and it was about 1.2. So I decided to adjust it down to below 1v it only went as low as 1v and the issues still continued. So I decided to unplug it and the issues went away and the car seems to run much better. I decided it was a bad tps so I got one from Rock Auto. When I installed a new one the idle jumped to almost 2k and it would just stay there. So I adjusted it down with the idle screw next to the iac. The problem still continued I read the voltage on the new tps and it giving me 1.4v so I tried to adjust it got it down as low as 1.2 but that was as low as it will go. It seems to me that the throttle body is not closing all the way and I can't figure out how to adjust the stopper screw because it doesn't have a nut. Any suggestions on what could be the issue here? I only have one code which is 553 ( I Don't have smog equipment)
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Tps voltage means nothing as the eec resets to zero when the key is cycled on. Did you make sure to properly index the slot on the tps with the flat on the Tb?
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The tps is spring loaded, I’ve seen it before where it’s installed without catching the flat on the sensor where it’s not under spring tension.
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