SN95 Transmission Guidance


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Dec 5, 2018
Cincinnati OH
I have a 95 mustang 302 that I have been slowly building for close to a year now with twin turbos. I've just about got all the engine work together, so now I need to move on to address the drivetrain. My first concern is the transmission. The stock 5 speed I know won't handle as much power as I'll be making. The tko600 seems to be about the best I can find, and I can't seem to find any kits to build the tranny myself. I know the auto can be built to be faster and much stronger, but that being said, this isn't a drag car. More of a weekend toy that I felt like needed more than 200 hp. I'm not going to be clutch dumping and power shifting all the time, but i also will be pushing the car time to time. Any advice on this would be great!
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SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
What do you mean by build the tranny yourself?
For the most part, you don't build a tko600, you just buy one, it's not built from the stock case. There are some upgrades but if you aren't racing the car they may not be necessary.

If you want to rebuild the stock trans there is astro and G force.

BTW, about the best you can find is a t56 magnum.