tremec problem


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Apr 11, 2004
I just installed a used tremec tko in my 95 cobra and I have a terrible whining sound. The higher the rpms get the louder the whining gets. It does not matter if you are moving or parked, clutch in or out it whines all the time. I am wondering if the pilot bearing for a tko is a different size than the one that is in my car from the t5? Trans shifts fine and all but the sound is unbearable. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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Tremecs take GM Syncromesh at $9+ a quart, 2 3/4 quarts of it. Pull the top pipe plug out of the RH side of the trans and stick your little finger in the hole. It should come out with clear oil on your finger tip. If it is red, or any other color, you have found your problem. Drain the trans and re-fill it with the GM Syncromesh.

The fact that the noise does not change tends to point to the throwout bearing. On Mustangs with a cable operated clutch, the throwout bearing is preloaded and always in contact with the presure plate. With the clutch in, nothing in the trans turns once you put it in gear. With the clutch out, the pilot bearing has no motion since the input shaft is locked to the clutch disc.