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Mar 22, 2003
iam fixing to add a intake to my 95 gt ,I like the way the black trick flow street intake looks ,but does it perform as good as it looks,will it hurt my low end torque and is my jet performance chip going to be up to the task of using my mods to the best of thier ability .because iam also wanting to add a cam,but i have an aode,will it be able to handle a cam and intake,the tranny has a cooler and a b&m shift kit,my engine internally is all stock so iam not wanting to add a huge cam,so which cam do you guys think would be the best,for my aode to handle and work good with the trick flow,the only mods i have now are ,,,,cold air intake,b&m shift kit,helix throttle body spacer,bbk shorty headers,bbk h-pipe no cats,two chamber flowmasters,jet chip,accel power coil,advance timing to 12*,,,,so what do you guys think is the jet chip up to par,is the trick flow a good choice,what type of cam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I REALLY NEED HELP ,,,BEFORE I GET MY HOLIDAY CASH,,,THANKS ALOT TO EVERYONE ON THIS GREAT FORUM,IF NOT FOR THIS SITE AND FORUM I WOULD REALLY BE LOST IN THE DARK,,,,,,THANKS,DAN

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The streetheat is a pretty good intake, you will loose little to no low end torque with it. And on the Jet chip, I wouldent waste my money on that. If I were to get a chip I would get a custom one burned at you local dyno. On the cam I wouldent get one untill you get heads and some good valve springs to hold up and prevent valve float. If you want alittle more lift then get some 1.7 RR. Forged pistons are stronger then the stockers (hyperutectic) and hold up better to detonation then the stockers.
GreenMustangGt said:
how does the trick flow comare with say, the typhoon, eled, or like a holly

You have to be more specific.

TFS...Street is more like the Edel. Performer in terms of power band.

Track Heat..More like the RPM, Typhoon and Edel in terms of powerband.

Street: Mild engine build up with N/A and Stock heads/cam.
Track: Moderate with either power adder or better heads/cam.

Definitely stay with a Performer/Street Heat/GT40 style manifold. They all operate in your engines RPM range (<5500 RPM). Don't add a cam to your motor. Not only is there a good chance that you will wack your computer out, but you will have a worse time than a 5-speed car because of the low stall speed of your stock converter. That JET chip that you have isn't hurting or helping performance, it is "just there". You could take it out and notice no difference. Forged pistons are for high rev's, high compression, high boost, race motor applications. They have much higher tolerances than hypereutectic pistons.

i have a 95 gt 5.0 5 Speed and only have done BBK cold air intake trickflow intake street heat underdrive pulleys off road h pipe and flowmasters how much HP do you think i have?? i got a 2004 GTP for my family car and i feel like its faster it bugs me lol...