Engine Trick flow hci idle issue


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Mar 27, 2018
I just had my friend put in trick flow hci. Stage 1 cam and street intake. Car is great on top end now. I have 3.08 gears in the back. Will be going to 4.10s or 3.73. It's a 92 5 speed car. There is some bucking below 2k rpm though. Gears will keep me from lugging it though. My problem is more so with the idle. 1st start the car it idles great. Around 750 rpm. Once it's up to operating temp the rpms rise to about 1100 rpm. That's where we increased it to because of the stalling issue. Under 1k to 1100 if I rev it it will stall. I just lowered it today to around 800 rpm to see and it will idle but as soon as I rev it and it's coming down it will drop in rpm to around 400 and try and catch it self but usually die. With the idle screw bumped up it's high enough where theres no stalling. Any help? I would like a lower idle of course. Also before hci no issues.
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Did you perform a base idle reset? Is there a vacuum leak?



mazing how much gas smell came from that tiny hole
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Mar 2, 2003
I would recommend going through the entire Surging idle check list just to make sure everything is 100% before digging any deeper.
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