Trouble Removing Pinion Gear


I've been lubing and pulling it all morning
Jul 18, 2013
I have a complete explorer rear and im pulling out the 3.73 ring and pinion to put in my fox. I dissasembled the fox 8.8 first with no problems. When it came time to remove the pinion gear from the exploder rear, it dosnt want to come out. On the fox rear all I did was remove the 1-1/16 nut and tapped it lightly and it fell right out into my hand.

I was banging on the exlorer pinion pretty hard (piece of wood to protect the threaded area) and nothing. It's been soaking in PB blaster for a while and maybe that will help.

But just incase, is there something else in the explorer rear that retains the pinion gear?
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What he said. Makes me wonder if the bearings are seized up? Did the seal appear to be in good shape? A slight tap should release it. I am a big fan of using heat to get things apart. You could try a propane torch to expand the bearing and help it come apart. Just don't plan on reusing the bearing afterwards and I would closely inspect the pinion as well.

Just to be sure, If I set my preload on the pinion nut, and there is some in and out play, is there a problem? Or is this normal?