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Nov 29, 2001
Perryville MD
I finally got my brother to look at my svo. He is a tech and has a quick 87 turbo regal, so I trust his recommendations. He said that I should replace the plugs/wires, cap and rotor. What type should I get? I have just become a father, so money is a little tight, but I still want to get this done. Also he said that the seals in the turbo are most likely shot, due to the immense blue clouds that followed the car. Also, is there a cone type filter that is made for the svo's or can someone recommend one? thanks. Andrew
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I've had the luck to change my headgasket every 3000 miles.

What part of MD is perryville? I would love to check out the regal too. If you're free on the 8th(thursday) you should head down to sumerduck dragway with us.
351Wcoupe: are you sure the mating surfaces are flat? I personnally beleive this is the cause of constantly blowing head gaskets.
On the other hand, if you are letting it detonate, blowing a head gasket is a hell of a lot more fun than replacing pistons.
the 1st head gasket was when the engine went in.
the 2nd/3rd was due to det.
the 4th(last) one was to change back to a freshly rebuilt unported cylinder head.Its all sealed up good. I do a compression/pressure leakdown test after each week at the track and the engine seems really tight.:D
Perryville is in the extreme north east part of maryland. What type of spark plugs are recommended from Ford? would the parts counter match me up correctly? I would love to go to a track, but the car isnt registered or insured, so getting there would be a big PITA. thanks for the invite, i most likely will have more questions later