Tuning Cost !!!


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Mar 20, 2008
I have a quick question for the guys that are running blowers and have had their cars dyno tuned by an SCT dealer. If you do not mind me asking how much did the tuning cost? I got a quote from Jon Lund in PA and he quoted me around $800-900 for tuning. Said he would first dial it in using a Tweecer and then convert the files over to SCT. Does this quote seem about right ??
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I just had mine tuned a month ago, well worth the money, it was at a SCT dealer.

Dyno tuning labor $187.50 for 1.5 hours
Multi program chip $299.95

total $487.45 plus taxes, but I will have to say that is about the best money I have spent.


So, as for your situation, if it requires more time labor wise to get the tune right, you could easliy get into the $800.00 range I'd say. As well his labor rate per hour may be more than what my tuner charges.
Obviously there will be places that are cheaper BUT the thing to realize here is mostly that tuning often isn't as simple a job as most things are. It's not always the same, almost never is. The usual RANGE is pretty large, just depends on what's involved. I'd still shop around to other possible places to see if you can get a better offer from a comparable tuner, but ~$900 or whatever may not be absolutely crazy. BTW - does that cost include the chip? That makes a big difference. Those are ~400 or so to begin with. I had a $600 tuning bill one year when I had the chip already. Put that on top of each other and that's over a grand already. :shrug:
in tuning you not so much paying for the equipment as your paying for the skill set and the knowledge of the tuner. If you have a HCI setup or something most guys can tune that but if you say have a YSI blower w/ 24 lbs of boost your going to need to find the right person to tune the car. the price you quoted tells me that your tuner feels safe using a tweeker, and not so much what your bringing him, which is ok at least he has an idea. Shop around but remember your tune is one of the most important items for power and dirveability
i paid 200 for a chip for an AL9 computer and that came with the switch fof multiple tunes... i think that the biggest thing you are going to see in price differences is the location...it may be reasonable by my house but i know that i priced it out in jersey and it was nearly double the price...
my tuner uses sniper for tuning and he will spent as long as it takes on the dyno to get the most hp and have evrything just right for 400 bucks even. Are you from PA? Let me know, ill shoot you a pm with some more info