Tuning question for experts

I have learned you don't get things for free. So, here's a question for the experts:

After reading an article about tuning a GT500 in this month's Modified Mustang, a guy hooks up a tuner (I forget which one it was- maybe a SCT?) and within minutes, is now getting 33 more RWHP w/o doing ANYTHING else. That's a huge gain w/o alot of effort in my book. The question is why doesn't Ford tune to that setting in the first place? My feeling is that it must be at the expense of some warranty, economy, or some other factor. I just like knowing the theory behind these things.

I bow to the all-knowing experts at Stangnet!!:hail2:

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For starters that is a tune that is most likely for 93 Octane. Ford tunes the cars with conservative tune(I'm guessing). Both on engine and throttle settings. They have definitly left plenty of power on the table. I don't see 33 RWHP on a stock car with no mods except the tune.
Since the GT500 is S/Ced, I could see that kind of a bump as being possible and here's why I think so. Ford has probably got a fairly conservative tune in there to allow for bad gas, less than ideal weather (high temps and humidity) and so on and so forth plus they want to make sure the car will pass emissions easily. Put that car on a chassis dyno with a good tank of fresh 92+, a good sniffer to measure your A/F ratio, and bump the timing and play with the EFI to get the A/F where you want it and pay careful attention to listen for detonation and I feel you can find 33HP in that motor.
I reverse my previous post, I did not realize that you were talking about a GT500. I was thinking of an S197. 33RWHP is definitly realistic. Hell the 03-04 Cobras would pick up anywhere from 20-45 RWHP on just a canned tune alone. Sorry I misread your post.