Turbo Coupe 5 Lug swap


Active Member
Dec 9, 2003
Plano, TX
So I am almost finished with my 5 lug swap in the rear, the fronts are done.

I am upgrading an 88TC rear end to 5 lug, using these rotors
Breeze Automotive Factory Five Racing

and from what I can gather, 94-98 mustang axles... My problem is the rotors are contacting the hat of the axle... are the axle hat's different from the fox's to sn95? The 5 lug axle hat seems to be maybe 1/4" wider total than the TC axle hat... is that correct? Do I have the wrong axles?

anyone have a picture of the axle hat of an sn95 for comparison?

Thanks for any help... much appreciated.

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