Turbo time!

I have a few question about boosting my 95 mustang gt. I have built the engine with forged internals and all the supports, now I am wondering if I can get a little insight from people that have done the upgrade. I have a TFS stage 1 cam, gt40 heads, tfs street heat intake 75mm throttle body, eliminated A/c and smog/EGR. Now I think I am going with the 90mm mass air from the lightning trucks and 42 lb injectors I hear it is a good set up. But can I just plug the injectors in and not have to calibrate the mass air? also I am thinking of going with the boosted brother single turbo kit, the price seems very reasonable and I have not heard anything bad about them yet (still researching) also wondering what PSI I should run the turbo at? trying to stay within the limits of the block. Also any modification I need to make to the engine bay or relocations? If anyone has ran this turbo set up and has any good info let me know. Or any links with good turbo info.
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You have to have it tuned, there is no getting around that. From what I've seen from those kits you're probably making ~300 to the rear tire. If you figure you double the air, you double the horse power, and 1 BAR is 14PSI, then 8-9PSI would get you to around 450-475ish rwhp. (There will be losses) You'll also need to step up your fuel delivery; a 255 in tank and a 190 in line ought to take care of you.