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Mar 14, 2019
Hey, so my 2002 gt has a signal problem, please help. Not always but sometimes when I hit left signal it makes a rapid ticking instead of normal. When I look at the back lights with signal on, the middle bulb on left side is flashing instead of far left one. I assumed the far left one was blown but it works normally with just regular lights on but not for turn signal. It did this for 2 days then worked fine for a week then back to this weird stuff but now something makes buzzing sound sometimes when I signal. Only sometimes like 1 out of 5 it buzzes but l look and still the back left middle light blinks, not the far left. It continues to make rapid ticking instead of normal and only for left signal. The right side is normal. Please help
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Aug 1, 1998
Arnold, MD
Have you changed the far left bulb? Does that bulb flash when the hazards are on? What about the brake light? If the running light works when you turn the headlights on, that uses a different filament in the bulb than the flasher. That would explain why that works and not the blinker.

Try changing the bulb first (it's a cheap, easy fix) and then let us know..we can go from there if needed.

PS: Rapid ticking when activating the turn signal is typically indicative of a blown bulb.
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