UPDATE...When I Turn the Dizzy, Car "Clicks". MUST DRIVE by TOM.!


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Nov 25, 2002
Brentwood, TN
Earlier I posted about my car not firing. OK, I finally got it started and running great, even took it for a rip. Then it was idling and i was messing with the timing and it died. Now, if I have the key on (car off) and turn the dizzy around and go past a certain point, the car ""clicks". I hear all the elctrical stuff come on, its weird. The I try to start it again, and it will start then just die.
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I believe when the distributor senses movement of the shaft, it starts the fuel pump running. The clicking you hear is probably the relay for the fuel pump clicking on and off. Do you hear the pump run at all when you turn the distributor?

Are you sure the wiring is on the is cap right. Did you take the dizzy out? I have never heard a click when adjusting my timing. I would hate to think your timing chain is streched and you are firing on less than 8 cylinders. I would do a TDC #1, Align the dizzy, Tighten it, ensure the plug wires are in the right, and see what happens. After that if it runs, you can advance it to 10 deg or what ever. Sometimes you have to do the hard things to figure out stupid problems. Keep us posted.
with the key on, when one turns the dizzy, the PIP will chatter the injectors. listen closely next time and you should be able to hear the noise coming from them (or feel the harness vibrate if you touch it).

good luck.

and it is normal. :)