UPR Products Customer Service A+


Gilded Gelding
Apr 6, 2003
Well, I emailed UPR at about 7pm last night after their operating hours to let them know that i have a set of their "Shark" Caster Camber Plates and the bearings are starting to go and clunk like crazy. I let them know that i would like for them to either send new teflon bearings or possibly refund me my money. I have had these for a while now and its not like i just bought them.

By about 10am in the morning i had already gotten an email back from Jeremy at UPR Products saying that they have a lifetime warranty on their caster camber plates and to give them a call. I called and they were extrememly helpful and are sending out the spherical bushings for both sides completely free of charge and even guided me over the phone on how to identify the c/c plates and how to switch the bushings out.

That definitely gets a thumbs up from me and i thought i would let everyone else on Stangnet know that there are plenty of good companies out there for the Mustang community.

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its so so with me.. i just ordered headlights from them last week and they came yesterday .. most of the mounting tabs were broken on em so i had to re use the APC ones that came off my car... and in the process i broke the remaining UPR clips... also they werent packaged good at all...

My K member kit started to squeek about a month after i installed it and upr stayed on the phone with me while i lubed it up and test drove it (about an hour) so that was outstanding... and they even gave me 15% OFF my next order because of the squeeking..

all in all UPR is a good company in my eyes... i dont think that they make or package the headlights so its not thier fault.. customer service= 100%
I'm glad to see they have thier e-mail back up, for a while there they weren't responding to e-mail.... I've never had a problem with them once I've gotten ahold of them. Usually it's Jeremy that has taken care of me. I forgot who I dealt with last time though, he was pretty helpful as well.