UPS guy came!


New Member
Jun 7, 2003
richmond, va
Well the UPS guy came today with my H&R super sports and my tokico blues from maximum motor sports. I would have installed them today, but my Jeep sprang a coolant leak and my dog had to go to the vet. So in my room they sit, waiting for next weekend. Does any one have any tips for the install, or is it a easy mindless install, I mean aside from any thing that could go wrong (like when I installed the lift on my Jeep, broken bolts inside the body and such).
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Nice combo. I had installed some eibach sportlines and the only advice I can give is, you may need a spring compressor for the front springs if you want to use the isolators. I couldn't get mine in even with just the top isolators so I left them out. And in the end am glad I did. In fact, I wish they lowered a little more. I got a 2" drop in the end. Looks killer. I'm pretty sure The H&R's drop them the same.