Urgent ignition ??s


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Jun 14, 2004
Tomorrow we're putting all new ignition stuff on my bro's '95 5.0. We're gonna do it all. MSD Blaster coil, cap/rotor, 8.5mm wires.
What plugs do they like? I know some engines don't like anything better than stock.

How much gap can you add with the bigger coil and such? Also, how much timing does it like? He's willing to go 93 octane if needed, so thats not a problem.
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this stuff is kinda subjective. for gap, the stock thick film ignition runs a nice fat gap. i would open the gap up little by little till it cuts out, and back it off....
an aftermarket ignition should be just as strong as the stocker, so .054 should be fine, if nothing else (i have been argued on this, and have to assume that aftermarket ignitions must blow if they require a smaller gap than stock). my two cents worth on that.

for timing, again subjective. keep advancing it till you hear pinging, and back it off till you dont. some guys run 10*, and some can run 18*.....just depends on the motor.

welcome to the boards and good luck.
The stock igniton in good condition is good enough for 400+ HP. Put your money on something else that will be more effective in making power.

If your stock ignition is old and worn out, then replacing it with the high output stuff will be helpful. Just don't expect any more power than you would get with quality OEM replacement parts.