Engine using ATF to help free up 351C engine


Jan 16, 2007
Auburn, Alabama
I have a 351C engine that has been machined and rebuilt about 5 years ago and has been sitting on an engine stand since that time. Attempted to turn if over manually but felt much resistance. I have not gone into the engine to see if there is any rust or other damage to the cylinder walls but before I do I want to inject a small amount of ATF into each cylinder via the spark plug holes to see if it would free up the engine. There is no engine oil in the crankcase. Is ATF satisfactory for this operation or is another material or a totally different approach recommended? Don't believe the cylinders can withstand another boring.
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check back later..
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Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
I’ve used atf and Marvel mystery oil to free up a few engines with pretty good success.
But I would lean towards letting it soak ,and then opening it up. You might get lucky with a cylinder hone and some rings


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Oct 10, 2001
Western Mass
This might be a good candidate for STA-BIL Fogging Oil. Sprayed in through the spark plug holes it coats everything inside in a mist. Commonly used for tractors that are shut down for prolonged periods.

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