using factory gas tank


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Jul 16, 2009
dexter, MO
i have a 94 stang that had a v6 with a t5 trans. i am putting a 302 out of a 1982 ltd. the motor was give to me. i am going to go with a carb setup. i have bought a set of bbk long tube header, noisy gear drive, rv camshaft, msd pro-billet distributor, new flywheel, good clutch kit. now i have run in to a problem with the fuel system. i would like to use the factory tank ,but i think the fuel pump maybe a little to much psi. what is my options?
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You can use an external electric pump, or the mechanical pump on the engine. You are absolutely correct about the factory fuel pump. It will pump so much pressure, you'll have fuel squirting out of every orifice in the carb. You will have to take the fuel tank out of the car, and remove the factory fuel pump. There are pick up tube assemblies that will fit into the stock location without a fuel pump on them.

i thinking of going with a 8 gal cell cuz i got my car is pieces. i have the tank but do not have the part that drops i the tank

I wouldn't waste your money on the cell. The stock gas tank is 15+ gallons, and works fine. I would just get the drop in pickups, and use the stock tank. It will save you money, and give you double the fuel capacity.