V6 Owner From Atx

Hey Everyone!

New member here from Austin, TX. I currently own a '14 Mustang V6 in Oxford White. I've had it for about 6 months and I absolutely love it! My previous Mustang was an '04 Mustang V6 that I had 10 years ago. Lots have definitely changed.

Currently I have a custom Magnaflow catback exhaust, blue vinyl racing stripes, and 35% tint all around. It's a plain old base model. I was planning to custom order a base V6 with just the Performance Package but I got impatient and all the dealers that had V6 PP were Premiums with slushboxes. They were also about that same price as a base GT. I figured this way I could customize it the way I want without financing anything I didn't want.

I plan to do more (-much- more!) to my 'stang. However, for the near future a CAI and Tune will have to suffice. As far as long-term, I would like to add a throttle body, shorty headers and a catted X-pipe (so I can still pass emissions), new gears (probably 3.55's), suspension, minor exterior upgrades, and probably some GT500 wheels.

Here are some pics:



I hope to learn a lot from this forum and meet some cool people :)
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