Valve spring gurus.


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Dec 23, 2002
Ogden, UT
I've got a set of both gt40 and gt40p's sitting in my garage. My question is regarding to valve springs and or adjusting/shimming them to my .444 HO cam in my 1994 Gt, I want to stick with this cam for turbo or blower in the future.
I'm using different springs than the hyped up trickflows pn/ 2500100 with .540 lift. But Ill use the trickflows springs as an example, since they are so popular.
I want to gain a little bit more seat pressure and pressure on open valve.
I'm thinking about adding atleast .015 extra shim under the springs (trickflows recommends 1.800" install on seat), I figure I have .096" from my .444 cam to .540 of maximum allowable valve lift trickflows advertises.
Am I on the right train of thought? According to the math, I still have roughly .096" room to play with before coil bind.
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