Engine Valve train noise


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May 19, 2015
Branchland WV
Just completed a head swap with afr 165 heads. New crane rockers. Stud mount and new tfs hardened push rods. I reused the stock hydraulic roller lifters and the x303 cam. The heads previously were gt40p with roller rockers. Also put on a edelbrock rpm II intake.
I adjusted the lifters just till I had no slack and then went 1/2 turn.
This new setup is noticeably noisier than before. Not enough to make me say oh :poo: and shut it off. It sounds the same all around the engine so it’s not just one area. Can’t hear it with the hood down.
Should the stock lifters work with this setup? Is this louder sound normal?
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Mar 2, 2003
Greenville, NC
I have the AFR 165s with the Scorpion RRs, a small Comp cam, and stock replacement lifters. My setup is very quiet, but only after spending some time adjusting them. I suspect you need to tighten them up a little. Try going another 1/4 turn and see if that helps. I recommend setting the lash without the lifters being pumped up. You need the plunger in the lifter to collapse a little bit so that when it pumps up the slack will be taken out of the valve train and stay out.