Forced Induction Vortech Tuner in Atlanta


New Member
May 3, 2020
Hi guys,

I have been helping a friend out who purchased a 1989 LX 5.0 that has a Vortech installed.
The car has been sitting for 3+ years non-running.
I replaced the entire fuel system, tank, in-tank pump, filter, injectors, was able to get the T-Rex to pump so it's still original.
Replaced all fluids, removed distributor, primed and turned the engine over by hand, put LMR radiator and e-fan kit on it.

I got it running and followed the instructions for setting base timing and TPS under 1.0 v but the car idles up and down then smooths out after a few minutes.

At this point the car is a project for him and his son but I believe the car/settings need to be checked by a person that has experience with Mustangs and Vortechs.

Would anyone know of someone in Atlanta, GA that has experience with these cars so we can get them to give it a once over?


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