Was thinking of getting an alarm, suggestions?


New Member
Jan 16, 2008
New Jersey
So I wanted to get a new alarm, since the one that came with my car was such crap.. I dont want auto start, but I do want all the security options.. Anyone have suggestions of what they have used in the past? I heard good things about Viper?
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i'd highly suggest you at least get a two-way alarm that sends a signal to your keychain. and get the starter kill installed if it's only an option. mine has almost a 1km range i believe...

haha if you've seen my luck lately, i'm not sure the 2-way helps anything, but it did give me more peace of mind over my old alarm.
Avital (dei i think) on the wife's car- works perfect

The Viper alarm on my 93 is the original and still works perfectly... Tho I disconnected it cause it talks which was cool in 94-95 but I'm tired of getting laughed at.
Yeah get a two way alarm so that you know its going off, the one way is good for when you're near the car, like outside your house at night. When you hear someone elses alarm in the city do you call the police? Its almost like the tree falling in the woods scenario, does it make a sound?