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Aug 4, 2013
I have been chasing down an overheating problem for awhile now and had a question about something I remembered. When I purchased the water pump (a weiand counter-clockwise) I remember the stock gasket not fitting properly and I had to hunt down the right gasket. I snagged this picture as an example. It fits perfectly on the timing cover so I am wondering how bad this would restrict the flow of the pump. I wouldn't think it would restrict it that much, but who knows...the plate on the Weiand pump is very restricted as well. About a 3/4" hole max as opposed to the stock ovalish shaped holes.

And yes, I have the plate on the pump, this picture is just a reference.

It's a 1990 mustang too. Looking into trying a stock water pump this evening


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Aug 27, 2012
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How is that thing not leaking like crazy. As long as the gasket is not blocking any of the water passages it is not going to restrict the flow.

Are you overheating at idle and in traffic or at highway speeds. In general,
the former is a fan, water pump, thermostat issue
the latter is an airflow, radiator issue