Wax removal and paint chip? SRT Handz?

Ok my stang should be done by the end of the month/early may and after I get a new alignment and a dyno tune I want to clean up my paint as much as possible.

I have been looking for a way to strip off all the old wax and can not seem to find anything. Some say to use dish soap like dawn but I am not sure that will work. What is everyone else using? I checked the CG website and didn't find any kind of surface prep or wax remover.

Now as far as paint chip repair. What is everyone using for that? I know we all have them but I have 3 areas that I really want to clean up because they are pretty bad. One of them is from some kid throwing a egg at my car (no joke). I have found a few different systems online but I am not sure what one is best.

Handz I would really like your input on all of this.
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i've worked in my dad's body shop for the last 10 years and we use a PPG product called 440. comes in a gallon can. It will take off tar, wax, line paint.. anything like that. We first use a water soluble solution (Dawn dish soap and hot water will work) to clean the surface then clean it again with 440 so it is absolutely clean of all contaminants. chemicals used to take off wax and such wont take off some water soluble contaminates like bird bombs or bugs...
I usually use 2 steps to strip the Paintwork of any product before I begin any work.

#1: Wash the car with 2x the amount of Shampoo I would regularly use (Read Dilution ratio on Product)

#2: Spray & wipe the car down with IPA Diluted 1:1 in a spray bottle.

The IPA will take off everything the soap missed.

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