WAY OT, finding a father after 18 years (not me, someone close to me)


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May 6, 2002
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So me and my girlfriend who i am very close with and pretty serious with get into a serious talk about her not knowhing who her father is, and him never being around or paying child support. Everything she has, she has worked for. Payed for her own car and insurance, pays her own bills, pays rent at the place she stays (a friends house), and next year will be paying for collage. I did a search for the guy, and found someone with the same name, same town, and same age as the guy her mom described. Honestly, she just wnats to get some child support money that he owes from the past 18 years to help pay for school. Since he hasn't been there ever, she does not plan on getting close to him or getting to know him or anything like that. So basically what im wondering, what is the best way to go about all this? Is it even possible to get any money from teh guy since she has already turned 18? Sorry guys i know this doesn't belong here at all, but i don't know who to ask. Most guys in the classic forum tend to be pretty mature and helpful and not dickheads like some in the other forums, so i thought it would be best put here. Thanks guys for any help you give, and if theres some more info i need to add, let me know and ill try.
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Every state must have some kind of "Dead Beat Dad" law, when it comes to child support. As previous poster said, you most likely will need a lawyer, if child support was owed, Maybe check with the courts, they may be able to help for free or a small fee.
I'm a father of a 2 1/2 year old daughter. I claim her. First off, regardless of what your girlfriend's mother has said, is there proof of paternity (DNA, etc.)? Don't take this the wrong way, but the mother might be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

Laws do vary. The mother (and not your girlfriend) may have a case for back child support. I agree with everyone who recommends she see an attorney. Take her mother along.

Steve C.