welding guru's come on in.


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Nov 8, 2006
San Jose
I bought a 65 fastback which the previous owner changed the floor pans, but did not clean up the welds. Now to clean them up and not make them look so ugly. I have an electric Grinder/sander. Will this work and what type of pads do I use to clean up the welds. Any feed back,advise is much appreciated.

P.s. I have no clue :shrug: to this so please try to give me as much knowledge to complete this project.

Thanks! :flag:
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Flap discs are my personal favorite to clean up welds. They are 4 inches wide like most discs and on the under side they have about 100 flaps of sand paper. These are soft and long lasting. there are 2 types, ones with plastic backs and ones with a grinder like back. I prefer the plastic back because it won't damage the metal if you push too hard. Also with the plastic once you get to the edge you can remove the plastic a bit by running it against a sharp edge basically making it a new pad thats already broken in. The down side to these is they can be a little pricey 5-15 bucks a piece.