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Sep 22, 2004
I know where to weld the seams n the tb's but i have also heard about welding somethin on the rear...what do i weld that will help stregthen?? i just bought a tig wriefeed welder and im about to start welding some things..
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no im sorry i stand corrected i didnt know i just bought it from a buddy of mine it was used and i havent picked it up yet..but though he said it was a tig but its not i called him he said...the name of the company that makes it is called Lincoln model # k2185-1..he said it accepts .035 in. cored wire...i bought it cause it plugs into my home outlets and i thought all welders are 220v..so either way is it a good deal..bought it for 150 and its 6 months old works great....what i meant by the welding seams is..i thought that some people weld the seam where the actual housing of the rear connects to the axle housing tubes...
Yes welding the axle tubes to the housing is a good idea but it seems it's a hit or miss thing. If you get it to hot you can damage the axle bearings.

From what i've read, i have no personal experience with this. Also $150 is a pretty good deal for a mig/wire feed welder.
If you are not an expierenced welder I would have it done by someone. If you get too much heat in that area it will pull the tube crooked, and with the housing filled with fluid it could also pull fluid out the seam if the seam is not super tight, this will contaminate the weld and cause a bunch of issues. You need to stitch it in sections, you can not run a continuos bead or long beads...

Welding cast is another thing as well........
hmm ok i wont mess with it then...how bout welding the tb's i am mechically inclined and very handy but the way u just described that seems to much of a risk for me to try...i can run a long continuous bead on the tb's right?...any1 i have pics of it?
Forget about welding your axle tubes to the housing with that welder, you won't be able to do it correctly. I don't think you can get enough heat out of it and you wouldn't have the right wire for it either. I've seen them TIG'd and I've seen them stick welded, but I'm not sure what electrodes their useing as you're welding cast iron to steel.

If it doesn't have the gas kit, GET IT!!! You'll wonder why you didn't.